Women filmmakers from Afghanistan plead at the Venice Film Festival, said not to forget Afghanistan

VENICE: Being one of the most vulnerable sections of the Afghan society, women are constantly coming forward to remind the world that Afghanistan is in danger, and its culture and ethnicity is in jeopardy.

Afghan women filmmakers who fled from their country because of Taliban takeover are begging and pleading before the world to not forget Afghanistan and leave its people alone. These women are constantly raising their voices against Taliban and asking for help from the entire world community.

Recently in Venice Film Festival, many Afghan women filmmakers spoke at a panel discussion and warned the world that a country without its culture would eventually lose its identity, and so it is the need of the hour to support Afghanistan and its artists in order to keep their art and culture alive.

In a conference held at the Venice Film Festival, Sahraa Karimi, who is the first female president of the Afghan Film Organisation (AFO), choked up in telling reporters that all that was left in Afghanistan, has been lost after Taliban took over the country.

She also said in the conference that many films are in their pre and post production phase, and many filmmaking workshops and upcoming insurance policies are in line, but as the control is now under Taliban, everything has come to a halt. She said that in the coming days, nothing but ruins would remain.

“Imagine a country without artists, a country without filmmakers. How could they defend its identity?” said Sahraa Karimi in order to show the disturbing state of Afghanistan and its artists at present.

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