Cuba becomes first country to vaccinate children above the age of 2 with Covid-19 vaccines

HAVANA: Many countries in the world are inoculating children of age 12 and above against covid-19, but Cuba became first country to start vaccinating children between the age group of 2-11. The Covid-19 vaccines which are being used are Abdala and Soberana, these are made in Cuba but it is not yet approved by the WHO as viable vaccines which can be used to protect children from the virus. Cienfuegos, became the first Cuban province where the children between the age of 2-11 started to get vaccinated against the Covid-19.

Abdala Vaccines

Cuban government is trying to vaccinate as many children as they can because the schools in Cuba have not yet opened after they were closed in March 2020. As the Cuban homes doesn’t have internet access, educational programmes are televised so that children can learn something while they are at home.

The Cuban vaccines which are being used to vaccine children are not yet approved by the WHO which raises concern over the it’s safety and efficacy. The Abdala and Soberana vaccines are made are based on recombinant protein technology as per WHO, which does not require extreme refrigeration. The United States’ Novavax and France’s Sanofi vaccines are also based on the same technology and are waiting approval by the WHO.

Recently, Cuba have witnessed high number of Covid-19 cases which have stressed out the resources of hospitals in Cuba and that’s why communist Cuban government is trying to inoculate as many Cubans as they can to stop curb the spread of the virus in the island of 11.2 million.

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