Shikshavk Parav Conclave initiated on 7th of September by Prime Minister

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi initiated” Shikshak Parav” Conclave on the 7th of September by video conferencing. He addresses students and teachers and education stakeholders in this launch ceremony.

September 5th to 17th is being celebrated as Shikshav Parav 2021. This is celebrated to honour the involvement of the teacher during the learning in pandemics. Shikshak Parav is celebrated by the Ministry of Education. This is done to introduce the contribution of teachers and to take forward the New Education Policy 2020.

The multiple keys have been also launched in the education sector during the ceremony. Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan and Union Minister of State for education Jitin Prasada were also there.

The theme behind the shikshak parav 2021 is “Quality and Sustainable Schools: Learnings from Schools in India”. It is also said that this celebration will motivate the creative practice of continuity of education at every phase not only it will provide it with the quality of the education, Which includes practices, and sustainability in schools across the country as well.

Prime Minister introduced Indian Sign Language Dictionary (audio and text embedded sign language video for the hearing impaired, in conformity with Universal Design of Learning), Talking Books (audiobooks for the visually impaired), School Quality Assurance and Assessment Framework of CBSE, NISHTHA teachers’ training programme for NIPUN Bharat and Vidyanjali portal (for facilitating education volunteers/ donors/ CSR contributors for school development) in the event.

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