India prepares itself for the possibility of Covid-19 third wave

NEW DELHI: India witnessed the death of countless people with hospitals reeling with patients, there was a shortage of beds, medicines, and people were carrying oxygen cylinders for their loved ones. 

This time, India is readying itself for the possible third wave. The country’s vaccination drive has been successful. According to sources, one-shot or more than half of its eligible population has received its first dose. India has given more vaccines than G7 in August, it administered approximately 180 million doses to ramp up the vaccine drive. 

The plan is to vaccinate all eligible Indians by the end of 2021. The country has administered approximately 700 million doses. Still, it is a long way to go. India is using Oxford AstraZeneca, known as Covishied. Covaxin by Bharat Biotech and Sputnik V made by Russia. 

India has authorised Indian Pharma Cipla to use Modern’s vaccine. The country is focusing on improving the health infrastructure and increasing the budget as well. India currently invests merely 1.2% of its GDP in the health sector. 

Hospitals have learned a lesson, with states increasing hospital beds with oxygen cylinders, Delhi has started vaccination on wheels to reach everyone who has not received their first dose. Covid kits and equipment have been ordered along with an on-site oxygen-generation plant to cover up oxygen shortage. 

As the virus mutates with higher transmission and immunity escape, the world has joined together to break the mutation. Unvaccinated Children are most susceptible to the third wave because of their weak immunity and mutation. That is why States are piling up antiviral drug Remdesivir as a precaution. 

The Ministry of Health has warned the states not to make the same mistake. Kerala currently has the highest number of infections, but the fatality rate is still low. Epidemiologists and health experts believe that the current data is encouraging, and if the citizens continue to get their doses and follow the Covid norms, the situation will not be catastrophic.

According to a survey, almost two-thirds of Indians have Covid antibodies through natural means, and around 57% of adults have received the first dose. Experts believe that the third wave will not be as fatal as the second wave was. But, India cannot put its guard down. The month of October will test India’s Covid preparedness.

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