Induction of women into the National Defence Academy

NEW DELHI: Additional Solicitor General Aishwarya Bhati presented the decision taken by the centre to the bench headed by Justice Sanjay Kishan Paul. All the three chiefs for the armed forces have mutually accepted the decision. 

Justice Kaul stated that the Supreme Court was expecting the centre to decide for the induction of women in NDA. Armed forces are respected forces of this country, but on gender equality, they have to do more, quoted Justice Kaul. 

The Supreme Court is happy with the decision taken by the centre as it will bring equality. The Additional Solicitor General said that it would be a historic, path-breaking, and generational reform. The Supreme Court has further asked about the plans? The Centre has stated that It will follow the rules taking more time to file the affidavit for its submission – inducting girls into NDA. 

Advocate Kush Kalra presented a PIL for the entry of aspiring women in NDA. The plea was supported by advocate Chinmoy Pradip Sharma. The judgement for allowing women to take the entrance exam for NDA has been passed as an interim order until further notice.

It is a historic moment as women can sit in the exam. The decision takes women to be a part of the permanent commission. It is one step closer to gender equality not just in the sky, but in all three forces.

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