The fall of Panjshir, beginning of a catastrophic era in Afghanistan

The West has lost the war and its consciousness. The US, which provided humanitarian aid to Pakistan for ages, still has not realised the terror sponsored into Afghanistan. The US found Osama-bin-laden in Pakistan. They captured four Pakistan citizens for the Paris attack and the world’s most prominent terrorist lives in Pakistan, yet they never sanctioned the country for its terror activities. 

The recent meeting between the United Nations Under-Secretary-General for humanitarian affairs, Martin Griffins, and the Taliban co-founder Mullah Baradar has been called peaceful and cooperative. The UN, the same agency which speaks highly about terrorism and women’s rights, is now talking about cooperation with the Taliban. 

The National Resistance Front leader claimed to kill 600 Taliban terrorists, and then they lost the war in a day? Ahmad Massoud, the NRF leader, released a video where he said, Pakistan military and rogue agency ISI has sponsored and invaded Panjshir to support and siege Afghanistan. He said the world had left Afghanistan with no support. 

Iran, on the other hand, has initiated a probe against foreign intervention, not naming Pakistan. The Taliban stated that ‘it would not allow any nation, including Pakistan, to interfere in Afghanistan.’ It did not take too much time for Pakistan to invade Afghanistan. The Taliban is the new state, with its leaders as the government and terrorists – the military. Iran Foreign Minister has clarified that foreign intervention in Afghanistan must be investigated with many tweets to probe Pakistan. 

The Taliban was not in control of Panjshir, and the NRF had enough ammunition, but an airstrike took place with a drone bombing Panjshir. Pakistan used airstrikes and provided the Taliban with arms and manpower to siege Panjshir. 

The ISI chief Faiz Hameed had met Mullah Baradar, and when asked about the meeting, he replied, for peace and cooperation. Why does the Chief of an Intel agency need to visit Afghanistan amid war and meet the co-founder of the Taliban? According to reports, ISI wants to use the Taliban to invade Kashmir.

People in Kabul are chanting death for Pakistan and ISI, while the Taliban is killing innocents for the anti-Taliban movement. The Afghan government and Afghan citizens, time after time, have said that Pakistan has militarily supported the Taliban. Pakistani commandos were fighting alongside the Taliban with Cobra helicopters and drone attacks. 

Germany, Netherlands, the UK, and Italy’s diplomats visited Islamabad to discuss the situation in Afghanistan and assured the right to dignity. No matter what the world says, The US saved Afghanistan from the Taliban back in 2002. The US has invested billions of dollars, they have lost numerous lives, and above all, they were fighting a never-ending war. The world needs to acknowledge the fact that for 20-years, the US assisted Afghanistan to shape itself politically, economically and fight the Taliban without depending on any nation.

India has been watching the situation in Afghanistan and has taken many Afghan refugees in the country. Pakistan has been eyeing Kashmir for ages, the Kargil war, the 2001 Parliament attack, 26/11 in Mumbai, the Uri attack are forever engraved in history. 

Pakistan-Taliban collaboration is not new. Lashkar-e-Taiba and Jaish-e-Mohammad have time after time sponsored terrorism in Kashmir, attacking and killing innocents. The recent statement by the Taliban about Kashmir has proved why the Taliban is a pawn of Pakistan.

The Taliban has shown interest in the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. Little do they know that China eyes the natural minerals of Afghanistan and puts the nation in a debt trap. Sri Lanka is facing a food shortage because of the debt they owe to China. The beginning of a new era in Afghanistan has been catastrophic. The Taliban is strong and has allies, South Asia is under a direct threat.

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