Delhi Government launches WhatsApp number for COVID-19 helpline

Delhi government has taken a great initiative for helping people by launching a WhatsApp number which will help people to gather information about beds, vaccines, etc very easily.

This initiative will be very helpful to recover the country from the coronavirus as a majority of the world population uses the Internet. By just sending “Hi” on the chatbot and information will be available within a seconds.

Here is a list of information that people can get on WhatsApp number.

1 Locate near vaccination centre
2 Find hospital beds
3 Oxygen Cylinder
4 Book slots for your vaccine
5 Necessary precautions of the virus.

According to Health Minister Satyendra Jain, this system is built to face the third wave of COVID-19. He said “We have built the tech solution of a WhatsApp chatbot to fortify our preparedness in view of an anticipated third wave. Tele-consultations and information about oxygen cylinder refilling stations will also be available through the WhatsApp chatbot. We have added some new features to aid citizens conveniently access credible information and resources related to Covid-19 besides helping them locate their nearest vaccine centre.”

This chatbot is built on an integrated solution of WhatsApp Business API, is integrated with Cowin Portal and the Delhi government’s “Covid War Room”.

To get the information user has to do is just send “HI” on +911122307147 on WhatsApp.

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