South Korea looking to ease restrictions amidst of huge covid spike

SEOUL: Covid cases in South Korea are at an all-time high and despite the huge spike it has become the latest country in the Asia Pacific region to consider leaving its Covid eradication plan with plans to lift Covid restrictions.

Seoul is trying to control its fourth-largest outbreak. More than 2100 new cases were reported in the last 24 hours according to KDCA (Korea’s Disease Control and Prevention Agency).

Experts and authorities fear that the Thanksgiving Chuseok holiday which starts from 17 September can result in a worsening of outbreak. With the ban on a gathering of more than five or more people, the Greater Soul area is still under the toughest level 4 restrictions.

President Moon Jae-in’s office announced plans on Wednesday to lift restrictions, once enough of the population is fully vaccinated.According to them, 80% of adults have been vaccinated with both the first and second jab, along with 90% of people above the age of 60.

At current vaccination rates, most people will get vaccinated by late October Son Young-Rae ( Official from South Korean health ministry). Up till now, 267,470 cases have been reported in South Korea ever since the pandemic began. Official death tolls stand at 2,343.

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