Record breaking rainfall in Delhi this monsoon

NEW DELHI: Delhi has received more than 1,100 mm of rainfall this year so far. This is the highest ever in the last 46 years and almost double than last year. The Indian Meteorological Department released these figures today and said that the figures are subject to change due to expected heavy rainfall throughout the day.

The official marker for the city is The Safdarjung Observatory, which gauged 1,150mm rainfall back in the 1975 monsoon season. This year 1,100 mm mark has already been touched and may continue to break records as the season is not over yet.

Monsoon season starts around July 1 and departs by September 25 in Delhi, usually 500-600mm is recorded during its tenure. “Light to moderate rain is likely in the next two days. Another wet spell is predicted around September 17-18,” IMD officials said.

According to IMD data 636mm, 544mm, 876mm, 370.8mm, and 505.5mm rain was gauged during the monsoon season of 2011,2012,2013,2014 and 2015 respectively. 524.7 mm rainfall in 2016; 641.3mm in 2017, 726.6 mm in 2018; 404.3 mm in 2019 and 576.5 mm in 2020.

This September Delhi has received 343.6mm of rainfall so far which is way more than just 20.9mm recorded last year.

Delhi recorded more than 100 mm of rainfall for two consecutive days at the start of the month — 112.1 mm on September 1 and 117.7 mm on September 2. On Saturday (September 11), it recorded 94.7 mm rainfall. This year monsoon arrived in Delhi on July 13, making it the most delayed in the last 19 years.

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