300 Afghan women march in support of the Taliban

KABUL: Afghan women have been vocal about the new Taliban regime, calling it the end of women’s rights and freedom. The Taliban has killed and tortured many women, and the new government has made it clear that women must not participate in any protest. What happened suddenly then? Around 300 women wearing a full-face veil sat in Kabul University and pledged to support the Taliban. 

The 300 women support the Taliban’s segregation of classes, new strict dress policy for education. The women were seen waving the Taliban flag in support of their rule and Islamist policies. Few women wore blue burqas, with a small gap to see from, while most wore black niqabs covering their whole body, except their eyes. 

The era of 1996-2001 was known as Taliban 1.0. The country was under Sharia Law, and women were not allowed to leave the house or get an education. Now, the Taliban claims that they will not implement harsh laws for women and permit them to attend university and get educated, but with certain rules. The education minister under the Taliban has said that women must wear an abaya role and niqab. 

The organisers are students, and they listened to a number of speeches at the Shaheed Rabbani Education University at Kabul. The pro-Taliban women said that, ‘we are against those women who are protesting on the streets, claiming they are representative of women.’

The students defended the new regime under the Islamic Emirates of Afghanistan. The Taliban has recently killed a pregnant woman in front of her children and husband. while the pro-Taliban movement has been marching around the city with posters and chanting in support of the Taliban. 

The reporter who took the interview of the Taliban representative left the nation, while the Afghanistan Women Cricket team’s future is in dire condition. How can this be a haven for women? The Taliban control over Afghanistan and the recent change in events have been contrary to the fact that the Taliban fighters fired during the protests and shot two people dead.

Many women have already left the nation, for them, there is no future in Afghanistan, while the Taliban claims that they have distanced themselves from the old laws and may also allow women to work, according to Islamic law. 

The protest has flared up, and one of the students, named Shabana Omari, said that the Taliban’s policy of women covering their heads is right and those not wearing the hijab are harming all of us. The hijab is not an individual thing. Another student said that after the arrival of the Taliban, there wouldn’t be any bihijabi (people who don’t wear headscarves). Speaker Somaiya stated that women will be safe after this. We are supporting our government with all our strength. 

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