Contribution of media in social service and creating an informed citizenry

In India, the media plays an important role in promoting the cause of social service. Media is the fourth pillar of democracy. An independent and impartial press can bring about a radical change in society. In the Indian context, since independence it has exercised a profound influence on society. It influences our social, cultural, civil, economic, and esthetic outlook.

The noted contribution of media lies in creating an informed citizenry. It has played a pioneering role in generating awareness on various social issues like corruption, dowry death, communal violence, cybercrime, flaws in government policies and programs, the role of pressure groups, India’s security and territorial integrity.

The rock-like determination of media in combating the challenge of cross-border terrorism is praiseworthy. During communal riots, the media has maintained tremendous restraint to restore the secular fabric of India. The media has highlighted the apathy and callousness of government in tackling poverty.

A large section of the community, especially the scheduled castes and scheduled tribes, are marginalized today. The media has brought to the limelight their picture of abysmal poverty. It is a common scene that government officials, brokers are taking bribes for allocating houses in Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana. The awareness campaign is still on, and it is a noble service to the rural public that they are very much sensitized on this issue.

Media has a positive role to play in society. It has highlighted the success of India’s foreign policy. The success stay of India’s Armed Forces in the war against Pakistan has boosted the morale of our soldiers. Electronic media has an even bigger role today. They have brought to the fore the agony of the orphan, the sorry plight of people affected by natural calamities, and collected funds from the public to offer a helping hand.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, media houses have given food to the people who lost livelihood due to the closure of business activities. It is also praiseworthy to see that the media persons are working round the clock to inform the people about the updates of cyclones in cyclone-affected areas endangering their lives. When people are dying due to COVID-19, their near and dear ones are not present physically near them and the media people are reaching out to them and giving details to the public.

The media has strongly combated the challenge of anti-social elements. However menacing they may be, the media has always raised its voice of protest. Investigative journalism is a key factor of the modern world. Starting from the stunning audacity of Donald Trump to the secret death of a journalist in Saudi Arabia to the suspicious suicide case of Sushant Singh Rajput, media has become an all-pervasive phenomenon.

The role of media in the era of technology is increasingly becoming important. It is rendering valuable service to society. It is high time we realize its importance and make it more constructive to build a progressive nation.

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