New Gujrat CM Bhupendra Patel has been appointed by the party, 6 times MLA Nitin Patel has shown a rough gesture for not considering him

GUJRAT: The Gujrat state CM Vijay Rupani has recently given resignation to his post which has become a problem for quite a members of the party. There is a kind of cold war going in the party for the post of gujrat CM.

Bhupendra Patel

After this incident the new CM has been appointed by the party who is Bhupendra Patel and he has been an MLA for the first time and straight from there he is going to be CM of the Gujrat State.

By continuing this report Deputy CM Nitin Patel talk to the media about how he is been ignored by the party as he is six times MLA but no one consider him for the post of CM. Therefore, he has congratulate the new CM and gave him best wishes for the future.

Nitin Patel

For the respect of the Deputy CM, Bhupendra patel has reached out at nitin patel residence and take his blessings as showing sweet gesture from him and telling that everything is neutral between them and party.

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