Who has given you the right to post imaginary and made up articles, asks TMKOC’s Munmun Dutta to media outlets

Reports were being published by various media outlets regarding Tarak Mehta Ka Ulta Chashma’s Munmun Dutta having an alleged affair with Raj Anadkat. Dutta’s anger got burst on Instagram ridiculing all such reports.

She asked the media outlets, “who has given you the right to post ‘IMAGINARY’, ‘MADE UP’ articles in people’s name about their private life without their consent?”

You can stoop to any level to create sensational articles/headlines at the cost of someone’s dignity, but are you going to take responsibility for wrecking havoc in their lives?? If no then, you should be ashamed of yourself!!,” she further said.

She also addressed the general public by saying that, “To the general public, I had far better expectations from you. But the FILTH that you have showered in the comments section, even from the so called ‘literate’ ones proves how regressive a society we are.

“Women are constantly age shamed, slut shamed, mom shamed at the cost of your humour. Whether your humour drives someone to the edge of a mental breakdown or not, is never your concern,” she said.

In a story post on Instagram she shared an article from Times of India with the title: “Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah’s Munmun Dutta slams netizens for age-shaming her post report of affair with Raj Anadkat”

She said addressing Times of India that, Also write how I shamed you first!! You were the one who started and people followed!!


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