8 people were arrested in Jaipur for NEET 2021 paper leak; students demand a proper investigation as NTA denies the reports

While NTA denied all the media reports regarding the paper leak, 8 people have been arrested in Jaipur from an examination centre for leaking NEET 2021 paper over WhatsApp. The denial by NTA has not been appreciated by the students and they are now demanding proper investigation through Twitter. The hashtags #OperationNEET #CBIforNTA are trending on Twitter.

Reportedly, the paper was leaked half an hour after the examination commenced. The paper was leaked at Rajasthan Institute of Engineering and Technology [RIET] and the mastermind behind this leak was allegedly found to be the Director of the coaching “Navratna Swamy”.

Reports also suggest that the whole leak was carried out in exchange for Rs. 35 lakhs.

It is concerning that NTA said, the question paper was not leaked. That raises doubt, then why 8 people have been arrested for the same? Further if 8 people are already arrested for the NEET 2021 paper leak, for what reason NTA is denying the leak of question paper?

Following are the reactions of students on the paper leak episode:

It is noteworthy that, NTA was established to improve equity and quality in education by administering research-based valid, reliable, efficient, transparent, fair and international level assessments as per the mission statement on its website.

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