CR7: a brand like no other

Cristiano Ronaldo, the highest-paid footballer in the world and one of the greatest athletes in history, is a brand in itself. Aside from being a celebrity on social media, CR7 also has a large following and is a dream marketer for any business or brand. 

Additionally, he has partnerships with brands in the hospitality, food, and watch industries as well as investments and businesses in the textile and footwear industries.

Ronaldo is a prolific user of social media. A sponsored post on his social media pages is therefore worth a considerable sum for each sponsor. Through his social media interactions and views on each post, Ronaldo is estimated to earn more than 2.3 million dollars.

The world’s biggest brands want Ronaldo to be the face of their company, due to the massive income and following he’s able to generate for them. Ronaldo also has a mammoth 1 billion dollar deal signed with Nike back in 2016, which will go on for years after he’s retired from soccer. 

Cristiano Ronaldo has definitely capitalised personal branding while still playing, the likes of CR7 underwear and perfumes, hotels, shirts and many more are his own and generate huge revenues. 

Cristiano Ronaldo was also responsible for a massive 4 billion dollars lose in market value of the famous drink “coca-cola”. Coca-cola was the official sponsor of the UEFA euro 2020 tournament, where players were offered both water and coca-cola during press conferences. 

In one of these press conferences, Ronaldo went viral on a social media as the Portuguese superstar removed two bottles of coca-cola put in front of him and urged everyone to drink water instead. This amounted to lose of 4 billion dollars in market value for coca-cola. 

We can safely say the power of Cristiano Ronaldo as a brand and a marketer is immense. everything he markets turns to gold. His influence is tremendous and “coca-cola” learned that the hard way. 

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