How much India is secure at the Line of control and the Kashmir valley?

Line of Control is the military control line which seperates India and Pakistan and especially Indian controlled Jammu and Kashmir and Pakistan occupied Kashmir from each other. This line acts as de facto border which means it is not internationally recognized. At the end of Indo-Pak 1971 war, this military line was recognised ceasefire line as “Line of Control” in the Shimla agreement.

There have continuous intrusions by the terrorists across the LOC from the POK side throughout the years. Pakistan have been accused of violating ceasefire, especially in the night so that terrorists can easily cross the line of control. After the crossing the line of control terrorists meet their handlers and then carry out attacks throughout the Kashmir valley to disrupt peace. India Army have conducted various anti-insurgency operations in last few years to flush out the terrorists present in the valley.

Indian Navy’s special forces MARCOS were also deployed in the Kashmir Valley.

After the Taliban have taken control and established their government in Afghanistan, India became very much cautioned because of the Pakistani influence present in the Taliban administrative ranks. Pakistan’s premier intelligence agency Inter-Services Intelligence(ISI) has been accused by a lot of countries of helping Taliban to capture Afghanistan and to form their de-facto government in the country. After gaining influence over the Afghanistan, ISI would not leave this gold opportunity to cause instability in the Kashmir Valley which have always been their top priority with help of Taliban. ISI can take the help of current Taliban government to use Afghan land for training terrorists and then sending them in the Kashmir valley to cause havoc and destruction.

Taliban’s spokesperson and officials present in Qatar have continuously strained the fact their newly formed government will not allow Afghan land to be used as a terrorist camp to launch attacks in other countries. Well, that remains to be seen because some of their insurances which they gave to the world are yet to be fulfilled. India has full right to be worried because the recently formed Taliban government contains 5 designated terrorists which are blacklisted by the UN and the US federal law enforcement agency FBI.

Lot of safety measures are in place in LOC with 24 hours vigilance by the Indian Army soldiers and with availability of night vision camera and better weapons to the troops guarding the border it becomes easier for the soldiers to safeguard the border from any trespassing from the Pakistan side in day or night. The Central government had deployed thousands of soldiers in the Kashmir Valley after the revocation of Article 370 to protect the valley from any repercussions.

Indian government have made assurances that the Jammu and Kashmir is safer and peaceful more than before; it remains to be seen how the alleged alliance of Taliban and ISI affects the security of the Kashmir Valley. After already so much bloodshed faced by the people of Valley; the Kashmiris would only hope for peace and harmony at the place where thousands of civilians and soldiers have lost their life due to ongoing insurgency.

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