US in contact with India about ‘over-the-horizon’ assistance

WASHINGTON: Antony Blinken, US Secretary of State told Congress that the US is in contact with India about the capabilities and plans of ‘over-the-horizon’.

With the aerial surveillance and drones deployment from outside the county, Biden’s so called over-the-horizon capabilities make identifying and attacking terrorists possible.

Following the withdrawal and evacuation from Afghanistan, the White House promised the American people an ‘over-the-horizon’ approach to combat any transnational terrorism threats originating from the country.

On Monday, Tennessee Congressman Mark Green inquired if the US has approached India about serving as a staging point for over-the-horizon soldiers. I’m talking about Northwest India as a viable location because, as we all know, Doha and Qatar are just a little bit too far away, as is Kuwait. What about Northern India, have you reached out to them, have you considered it?

Blinken stated something in response to it. Let me just say, Congressman, that we’re deeply involved with India across the board, but any specifics regarding over-the-horizon capabilities and plans that we put in place will continue to be put in place.

As the US pullout affects estimates about capabilities and threats, counterterrorism experts and lawmakers are raising major concerns about Biden’s administration ‘over-the-horizon’ approach in Afghanistan.

Biden and his team, according to critics, have yet to give legislators with adequately concrete plans or justifications about their counterterrorism plan.

President Biden of the United States and Prime Minister of India Modi will meet in person for the first time later in the month where they will also hold a bilateral meeting in Washington.

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