Central Government set to resume tourist visas after 1.5 years

NEW DELHI: Tourist visas are likely to be resumed by the Central government after decrease in covid cases throughout the country. As per reports, a meeting has been called by the Home Ministry which will be chaired by the Home Secretary to discuss all the issues related to tourist visa. Due to the pandemic, tourists visas were suspended for 1.5 years, which lead to economic loss for the hospitality industry.

Before the pandemic, India had around 7-8 lakh footfall of foreigners throughout the country, but due to pandemic, the international travel was ceased throughout the world. As per the official source, the tourist visas will be made available in phased manner as per the possibility, it will be open to all. The government is likely to allow only those foreigners who are fully vaccinated. Employment visas, business visas and other visas are available right now but now the tourist visas.

India have experienced two deadly covid-19 waves till now, with the danger of third wave looming large, however, many experts have said that even if India experiences third wave of Covid-19, it won’t be as deadly as the previous two because of the vaccination drive which is going on right now at a good pace and herd immunity achieved by lot of people living in India.

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