COVID -19 restrictions at ease in the Netherlands

AMSTERDAM: According to Prime Minister Mark Rutte as long as the infection rate and the number of COVID-19 patients remain under control, some of the current restrictions could be lifted. Presently, the Netherlands keeps the toughest restrictions imposed among the European countries. Also, the authorities clarified that the period of quarantine could be shortened if travellers test negative on the fifth day.

On Tuesday, the Dutch government announced that they are easing COVID-19 restrictions and will introduce a “corona” pass showing proof of vaccination to go to restaurants, bars, clubs or cultural events. Prime Minister Mark Rutte said requirements for social distancing will be dropped from 25th September .

Measures such as it will no longer be mandatory to keep 1.5 metres distance. Secondly, in public transport face masks will remain mandatory. Lastly, for hospitality venues and cultural institutions such as theatres, a corona entry pass will be mandatory. Therefore, the government continues to advise keeping a safe distance.

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