It is often said that it is the most trivial thing that plays the most significant role just like Lithium-Ion Batteries

Recently, in Southern Karnataka’s Mandya District, researchers have found Lithium Reserves of 14,100 tonnes in a small patch of land. India imports for lithium needs and since there is an economic slump caused by Covid-19, India needs to take up serious research and build a policy framework to be self-reliant in clean energy and high tech equipment.

Lithium-Ion batteries are easily rechargeable and are commonly used in portable electronics and electrical vehicles. Also, these batteries are becoming popular among military and aerospace applications. It is estimated that production of Lithium batteries in 2021 is to be between 200 to 600 GWH. Also, there is a prediction for its production in 2023, ranging from 400 to 1000 GWH.

Top 10 Lithium batteries manufacturers in India:

1) Exide Industries Limited

One of the well-known Indian multinational storage battery manufacturer, Exide was founded in 1947 by Rajan Raheja. Since, this firm takes charge with agility and dynamism and offers the wildest range of products to the automotive and industrial sectors, it manufactures batteries from capacities of as low as 2.5Ah to as high as 20,500Ah.

Exide Industries Ltd. had a strong financial year in 2020-21 with a net turnover of INR 10,041 crore and net profit of INR 758 crore.

2) Luminous Power Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Rakesh Malhotra founded Luminous Power Technologies Pvt. Ltd. in the year 1988. To make our life comfortable and efficient this firm manufactures products with a sense and passion to innovate. It manufactures batteries for both home and commercial use and have 70 Million satisfied clients till date.
With 28 sales offices and 60,000 channel partners, Luminous has a net turnover of over INR 500 crore and an increase of 10.32% in net worth.

3) Amara Raja Batteries Ltd.

Amara Raja Batteries Ltd. popularly known as Amaron was founded in 1985 by Ramachandra Naidu Galla. With a motive to move ahead with power, it was featured in Forbes India Super 50 Companies in 2016-17. Not only in India, Amaron exports to Africa, Asia Pacific and all over Middle East. One of the seven wonders of the world, Taj Mahal is powered by Amara Raja Batteries, since the second largest selling automotive brand is power solution for powerful structures.
By March 2021 the net profit of Amaron was INR 37.87 crore. It contributes 2% of profits or 0.2% of sales towards corporate social responsibility.

4) HBL Power Systems Ltd.

The very first battery manufacturer for aircraft was founded by Dr. Aluru Jagadish Prasad in 1977. It sells batteries to railways and defence apart from aviation. To identify technology gaps in India that the company could fill by ‘Indigenous efforts’, was HBL’s initial business strategy.

5) Su Kam Power Systems Ltd.

Kunwar Sachdeva founded Su Kam Power System Ltd. in 1998. It marked itself to top 10 Lithium-Ion Battery manufacturers in India with its great marketing efforts. It produces more than 70,000 batteries every month. The batteries manufactured are from capacities as low as 80Ah to as high as 100Ah.

Su Kam Power Systems Ltd. was started as a cable TV company with initial investment of INR 10,000 and now it has a net over of over INR 500 crore.

6) Okaya Power Pvt. Ltd.
One of the top 10 Lithium-ion batteries manufacturers of India, Okaya was founded in 1987 by Rajesh Gupta. It has installed more than 5 million batteries in India. Batteries from capacities ranging from as low as 10Ah to as high as 62.4Ah are manufactured by this firm. These batteries are eco-friendly, reliable, long lasting and trusted for robust backups.

It has 11,000,000 satisfied customers with net turnover of over INR 500 crore.

7) Base Corporation Ltd.
Founder Girish Arora founded Base Corporation Ltd. in 1991. It manufactures batteries from capacities ranging from 2.5Ah to 200Ah for industrial and home use. There are 30 branch offices all over India with additional 2,00,000 new customers every month.

Base Corporation Ltd. has net turnover of INR 1 crore to INR 100 crore.

8) Southern Batteries Pvt. Ltd.

Southern Batteries Pvt. Ltd. popularly known as Hi-Power was founded in 1980 by Late Sri SR Pillai. It is now run by CEO R Sreenivas. They manufacture Hi-Power impact Lithium-ion batteries from capacities ranging from 20Ah to 2000Ah.
They have a net turnover of INR 50 crore.

9) Evolute Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Parag Mehta and Paras Mehta founded Evolute in 1970. The Mumbai based firm manufacturers batteries ranging from Milli Watt hour to Kilo Watt hour solutions for invertors, UPS, the automobile including cars, two-wheelers and heavy vehicles, mobile phone, laptops, etc. To capture and foster innovative technologies to co-create products and technology enabled services to address problems and cultivate all inclusive, forward thinking growth is the aim of Evolute Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

10) True Power Systems LLP

One of the top 10 manufacturers of lithium-ion batteries in India, True Power which focuses more on research and development was founded in 1983 by Ravi Mundra. It is run by three technocrats and management experts who are also technology lovers- Ravi Mundra, Rahul Mundra and Sanjay Dutta. They research into solar electricity and are a industry with redundancy, scalability and serviceability in a single solution, manufacturing batteries from capacities ranging from as low as 2Ah to as high as 200Ah.

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