SpaceX all set to send amateurs into Earth’s Orbit

CALIFORNIA: SpaceX is all set to create history by sending amateur civilians into earth’s orbit for the first time. The mission named Inspiration4 will send four civilians into earth’s orbit on Wednesday.

The liftoff is scheduled after 8:00 PM ET, the selected four people have received just over five months of training. They will ride in SpaceX’s Crew Dragon capsule on Falcon 9 rocket.

Source: SpaceX

US billionaire Jared Isacman who is part of the amateur civilian crew has sponsored the trip, other members include a healthcare worker, a science educator, and a data analyst. Together they will circle the earth’s orbit for three days.

This is a landmark mission to promote space tourism, inspire others and raise money for children’s cancer medicine hence the name Inspiration4. The rocket will launch from Kennedy Space Centre.

The spacecraft will attain a height of 575km, 150km higher than the International Space Station. The four-member crew will spend their time doing some experiments and enjoying the earth’s panoramic views through a large doomed window.

“It’ll be the first time that a global superpower hasn’t sent people up into orbital space,” Mr. Isaacman said. “When this mission is complete, people are going to look at it and say, ‘It was the first time everyday people could go to space’.”

SpaceX intends to sell many more orbital flights to interests beyond traditional space agencies. A texas bases startup has already purchased four Dragon flights for carrying tourists to an international space station.

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