India mulling to raise a new “rocket force” for missiles in wake of the two-front threat on borders : CDS Bipin Rawat

NEW DELHI: With China’s continuous aggression at northern borders, it’s rise to a superpower status, happening at a pace faster than anticipated and with the evolving dynamics in Afghanistan that has given Pakistan a strategic advantage over India in the region, there are going to be serious security implications on India in near future.

Taking a note of all this possibilities, CDS Bipin Rawat addressed these imminent threats during an event at the India International Centre in New Delhi yesterday, where he categorically said that the present security challenges posed by it’s two adversaries, requires an integrated national security architecture in place along with non-contact technology warfare capabilities.

Referring to a seminal thesis by an American political scientist Samuel Huntington’s “Clash of Civilizations” Gen. Rawat said just like the thesis warned about a possible collusion between ‘Sinic’ and ‘Islamic’ civilizations in future to counter the western one, the world is witnessing it happening in Afghanistan as Chinese is making friendly overtures to islamic nations viz. Iran, Turkey and now making strides into Afghanistan to gain strategic advantage in the region and to reduce Western domination particularly US in Asia.

On question about India’s future in Afghanistan he said : “We don’t know what is in the future. There can be more turmoil in Afghanistan and changes that can’t be anticipated as of now“, so India continues to be in a wait-and-watch mode as events continue to unfold in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan.

Taking questions about Pakistan and Chinese support to it he said that : “ A weaker adversary like Pakistan will always keep us engaged through a proxy war ,infact it is a proxy of our northern adversary ,China“. As Chinese PLA continues to be at loggerheads with Indian army on northern borders, China might support Pakistan and it’s non state actors more directly than ever- financially as well as through supply of arms and weaponry to keep India engaged at one front while continues to strengthen it’s deployment and infrastructure on their side of the borders.

To deal with all these security challenges, India has adopted a ‘whole of the government approach’ in strengthening the armed forces. Efforts are already underway to form a unified structure of war-fighting through the formation of theatre commands that ensures more jointness in military operations and helps in dealing with a bigger threat successfully. Country is also mulling to raise a ‘rocket force’ of different kind of missiles in response to PLA’s rocket force that controls it’s strategic land-based ,nuclear and conventional missile forces, he said.

Taking note of Chinese aggression all over the world CDS said, as China continues to be more and more aggressive , the challenges are not only going to be in conventional theatres of war because an adversary like China will also look to disrupt our strategic networks like energy, banking, transport and communication grids (an instance could be a blackout due to a grid failure in Maharashtra last year that suspected Chinese hands).India has to develop it’s war fighting capabilities in space,cyberspace and technology domains to deal with these emerging threats.

Overall, India should look to transform it’s security architecture by making it more integrated, war-ready, wary of global threats,technologically advanced and alongside partner with responsible global powers that deals with a powerful and aggressively advancing China and a disruptive power like Pakistan successfully.

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