Low magnitude earthquake in China’s Sichuan, three dead, dozens injured 

BEIJING: China’s Sichuan province is under the emergency response of second-highest level after a shallow earthquake struck in southwestern China on Thursday, killing 3 three people and injuring dozens.

Footage from Sichuan Fire Brigade shows rescue workers removing debris and rubble, rushing injured people to ambulances on stretchers. The earthquake struck Luxian County before dawn on Thursday leaving dozens of houses to mere rubble and severely damaging others. Images published by local media shows collapsed ceilings in hospitals.

The magnitude of the earthquake is put on lower levels i.e at 5.4 according to US Geological Survey and 6.0 by the China Earthquake networks center.

According to Luxian authorities the earthquake left three dead, three seriously injured and 57 slightly injured. Local government data says that at least 10,000 people have been moved into emergency shelters.

Around 62,000 households were in a complete blackout after the earthquake disrupted multiple electricity lines. Vehicles on the highway in the area have been rerouted to clear the way for emergency vehicles and avoid damaged roads.

“It is unlikely there will be a larger earthquake in the area in the near future, but aftershocks will continue for some time”, said Du Bin who is deputy chief of the Sichuan Earthquake Administration.

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