PM Modi inaugurates new defence offices; slams critics of Central Vista

NEW DELHI: As PM Modi inaugurated the newly built offices of the Defence Ministry today morning, he also spoke in the inauguration ceremony as to how people from the opposition parties are slamming the upcoming Central Vista.

In his speech, PM Modi mentioned how critics from opposition party are not concerned about the grave condition of government buildings, and all they care about is their “personal agendas”.

In this ₹20,000 crore project, construction of new parliament building, i.e. the Central Vista is taking place, along with building of central government offices, and refurbishment of the North and South Blocks.

In the inauguration speech by PM Modi, he mentioned how “some people” tried to sabotage the importance of the upcoming Central Vista project, and how they ran their “personal agendas” to spread misinformation. PM Modi, in his speech, also said that the condition of these buildings have become very fragile, and it was the need of the hour to rebuild and refurbish these important buildings because many important tasks are done from these buildings.

The prime minister also said that now that the new Defence Ministry offices are ready, around 7,000 officials will work from the two complexes, one at the Kasturba Gandhi Marg and the other at the Africa Avenue in Central Delhi.

Though, it must be noted that the old buildings will be redeveloped to house a new ‘Executive Enclave’, which will include a new residence for the Prime Minister itself.

In the inauguration ceremony, PM Modi said that the new construction of a modern Defence Ministry in the capital will strengthen the armed forces and will make the working more convenient.

Prime Minister also pointed at the “media houses in Delhi” who did not even once cover “the grave condition in which these important buildings were functioning”.

Since a long time, it was visible how the project of Central Vista was gaining a lot of attention, and massive controversy and criticism from critics and opposition leaders who were questioning the need to spend thousands of crores on government buildings instead of spending the money on vaccine development and improving the country’s health infrastructure.

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