Court decides to seal will of Queen Elizabeth’s late husband

LONDON: Britain’s Queen Elizabeth late husband, the will of Prince Philip will be sealed and remain private for at least 90 years to preserve the monarch’s dignity, a judge at London’s High court has ruled.

The judge said while there might be “public curiosity”about royal wills, “there is no true public interest in the public knowing this wholly private information.” Also, the ruling came after a court hearing in July that was held in private. Media organizations were not allowed to make the case for publishing the will.

According to Reuters reported, McFarlane said the first royal family member to have their will sealed was Prince Francis of Teck, the younger brother of Queen Mary, wife of King George V. The most recent royals to have their wills sealed include Elizabeth the Queen Mother, late mother to the current reigning Elizabeth, and the queen’s sister Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon.

Philip died in April at the age of 99 after more than seven decades of marriage to the queen. Therefore, wills are usually public documents in Britain, but for almost a century it has been customary for the wills of senior royals to be sealed on the order of the High Court.

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