‘PANNA PRAMUKH’ are been appointed for 1.63 crore UP polling booth by BJP, 2022 election Strategy

UTTAR PRADESH: 2022 elections are going to be in everyone’s eyesight and every party is going to be very dedicated towards these coming elections. BJP is the ruling party of UP and they don’t want to lose it anyhow.

Talking about new management which is conducted by the party BJP, they plan to put a duty on every polling booth which is 1.63 in the state and the duty is named as ‘Panna Pramukh‘. There work is to take all the voter to the polling booth so that every person can vote. These pramukh are getting training for all these duty.

BJP party also wanted to be connected on a micro level so they started this management to influence people to vote for them and help them to win. One pramukh will take over 30 houses and there will be 10- 15 pramukh near the polling booth also. Therefore, this concept is created by Home Minister Amit Shah.

We can see that this party strategy is going to help them in their coming election campaign and influencing people is the right idea of getting engagement from the voter. Now the question is their strategy will work for them or they should work on people welfare also.

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