World’s largest tree wrapped with fire proof blanket

CALIFORNIA: Firefighters are wrapping fireproof blankets around the base of the world’s largest tree General Sherman, and all other trees in Sequoia national park to protect a grove of giant sequoias from blazing wildfires in California.

Sequoia national park is home to the world’s Largest tree named General Sherman. Officials fear that fire could burn down the grove within hours. The Sequoia national park has around 2000 sequoias. General Sherman, the largest tree in the world is 83meters high, having 31 meters of the circumference at ground level, and is approximately 2,300 to 2,700 years old.

The Giant Forest museum and other buildings were also wrapped with fireproof material to protect them from possible intense fire flames, said fire spokesperson Rebecca Paterson.

Special aluminum wrapping capable of surviving intensive heat during short intervals is being used to protect the buildings and trees. According to fire officials, such sheets are being used for years throughout the US west to protect sensitive structures from burning.

The colony of paradise fire was expected to reach the grove of 2000 sequoias on Thursday. The castle wildfire last year burned down some 7500 to 10,600 sequoias some of them were as tall as high rise buildings and were several years old.

The Paradise and Colony wildfire started due to a lightning strike and has grown across rugged shrubland in the Sierra Nevada. This year more than 7,400 wildfires have engulfed the state, burning down more than 2.2 million acres of land.

Extreme droughts and high temperatures due to climate change play a major role in such intense wildfires.

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