Protection of little seen Amazon tribe for six months renews in Brazil

BRASILIA: Only two known male members living in isolation of the Piripukra tribe in Brazil on ancestral lands the size of Luxembourg in the Amazon rainforest, resisting decades of invasion by loggers and cattle ranchers.

According to Fiona Watson, director of research and advocacy at Survival International statement ” We are still deeply concerned as the Piripkura’s future still hangs very much in the balance, while the landgrabbers are circling round and poised to invade. Also, the office of Brazil’s public prosecutor urged the government to renew protection orders that are about to expire for four groups of indigenous people. With 114 groups sighted, Brazil is said to be the South American country with the largest number of indigenous people living voluntarily in isolation.

As said by the Anthropologists the uncontacted tribes of the Amazon cannot survive without their land and are increasingly pitted against armed invaders interested in poaching, farming and mining in their territory. Brazil’s indigenous affairs agency Funai has renewed a protection order on Friday for the 242,500 hectare area in western Mato Grosso state. However, the renewed protection will last for six months, unlike the three year extensions that has been granted for the territory since 2008.

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