AUKUS potential trigger for nuclear arms race, says North Korea

PYONGYANG: The latest security pact between powerhouse nations UK, US, and Australia has attracted many raised eyebrows in the global geopolitics scene. North Korea has now condemned this newly formed security pact.

“These are extremely undesirable and dangerous acts which will upset the strategic balance in the Asia-Pacific region and trigger off a chain of nuclear arms race,” said a DPRK Foreign Ministry official referring to the security agreement.

As per the new deal US and UK will provide Australia technology to build Nuclear-powered submarines. The Aukus pact was announced last week and is being seen, as an effort to dial down China’s influence in the much-debated South China Sea. Other than Nuclear powered submarines, the pact will also cover cruise missiles, artificial intelligence, and other military-grade technologies.

The deal has also faced criticism from China. Zhao Lijian who is Bejing’s foreign ministry spokesperson said that the newly formed alliance risked “severely damaging regional peace… and intensifying the arms race”.

The US will be sharing its nuclear submarine technology with other nation for the first time in the last 60 years. Earlier the US had shared this technology only once with the UK. With the new technology, Australia will be able to build submarines that would be much harder to detect, having faster speeds when compared to conventionally powered fleets.

Source: International Institute of Strategic Studies

The new fleets will be capable of staying submerged for months and shoot missiles over longer distances. However, Australia said that they don’t plan be putting nuclear weapons on these fleets. No Nuclear weapon on Nuclear fleets? Ironic I’d say.

Pyongyang said it was “quite natural that neighboring countries like China condemned these actions as irresponsible ones of destroying the peace and stability of the region.”

France has also condemned this act, saying that this deal is a “stab in the back” and that the pact had led to a “serious crisis” between the allies.

France learned about this deal only hours before the public announcement that has led to the end of the $37 billion deal between France and Australia, which got signed in 2016 under which France had to build 12 conventional submarines. All the more reason for France to be salty towards Aukus.

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