One-third of Australia’s koalas lost in the past three years

CANBERRA: About 30% of koalas has been lost in Australia in the past three years due to hit by drought , cutting trees and bushfires as said by the Australian Koala Foundation which urges the government to protect them by taking out more ways. The numbers of koala population has been dropped by 41% in the state of New South Wales with the estimation of dropping to almost 58,000 this year from more than 80,000 in 2018 with stretching to the decline state.

Public comment on a national recovery plan has been called by the Australian government in June for Queensland, New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory around Canberra. Also, whether the koala’s threatened species protection status should be raised from “vulnerable” to “endangered”. The comments on the recovery plan are due on Friday. Tabart said “I think everyone gets it, we’ve got to change. But if those bulldozers keep working, then I really fear for the koalas”.The impact of drought and fires, land clearing road builders and property developers has destroyed the iconic marsupial’s habitat.

Therefore, “The declines are quite dramatic” said Australian Koala Foundation Chair Deborah Tabart on Tuesday.

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