Before the Big Billion Days Sale, Flipkart Xtra was launched to onboard individuals as delivery executives

BENGALURU: On September 22, Flipkart announced the launch of Flipkart Xtra, a service marketplace focused at providing part-time income options for individuals, service agencies, and technicians. Initially, the marketplace would only allow people to join as delivery executives, but it hopes to expand to allow service agencies and technically capable persons to join as service partners and technicians in the future. Flipkart Xtra is launching just in time for the festive season and Flipkart’s Big Billion Days 2021 sale, which will take place in the month of October.

Individuals can find part-time job by downloading the Flipkart Xtra app from Google Play on their Android devices, as part of the Walmart-owned company’s latest initiative. It will request that they give their personal information as well as an ID proof for background checks. The app will onboard the user to the selected role once the user has been validated successfully.


Flipkart Xtra is now only open to delivery executives, but Flipkart aims to open it up to service partners and technicians in the coming months. This holiday season, the e-commerce company hopes to create over 4,000 employment through the programme.

Flipkart will be able to address its last-mile reachability issues in India by expanding its Flipkart Xtra marketplace to include part-time delivery partners. The timing of the offering’s launch is also noteworthy, since the firm is ready to launch the much-anticipated Flipkart Big Billion Days 2021 sale, which will begin on October 7.

In a prepared statement, Hemant Badri, Senior Vice-President and Head of Supply Chain at Flipkart, stated, “This is a fresh disruption in the gig economy arena and will assist individuals discover an alternate source of income while contributing to the country’s economic recovery.”

In addition to Flipkart Xtra, Flipkart has its Kirana Delivery programme, which allows local retailers to have orders delivered to them. During last year’s holiday season, the corporation claimed that the programme assisted in the fulfilment of a whopping 10 million shipments.

Amazon’s Amazon Flex delivery programme, similar to Flipkart’s, is accessible in a number of cities across India and allows the corporation to hire part-time delivery executives. The US firm pays between Rs. 120 and Rs. 140 per hour and requires a two-wheeler to transport packages in their service zones.

Flipkart Xtra does not require you to own a vehicle or bike, according to Gadgets 360. The corporation did not specify how much a person would receive after being hired as a part-time delivery executive. It did, however, clarify that payments will be made on a weekly basis, based on the amount due for each delivery shipment.

Flipkart Xtra and Amazon Flex are two programmes aimed at increasing e-commerce shipments in the country. They may, however, make the situation more competitive and difficult for traditional delivery executives who conduct online deliveries in the long run, since part-timers would be able to provide similar services at lower labour rates.

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