Massive earthquake of magnitude 5.9 strikes near Melbourne, tremors rattle southeast Australia

MELBOURNE: On Wednesday, an earthquake of magnitude 5.9 struck near Melbourne which is one of the country’s biggest earthquakes on record. It caused damage to buildings in the country’s second-largest city and sent tremors throughout neighbouring states.

According to Adam Pascale, Chief Scientist at the Seismology Research Center, it was the largest onshore earthquake in the state of Victoria in recorded history. Also, it was the largest land earthquake in the country since 2016, when a 6.1 magnitude temblor hit the Northern Territory. There are no reports of damage outside Melbourne and no reports of injuries too. The quake was felt far away from the city of Adelaide which is 800 km to the West in the state of South Australia and Sydney which is 900 km to the north in New South Wales state.

Rubble blocking one of Melbourne’s main streets images and video footage has been circulated on social media whereas people in northern parts of the city on social media said that they were evacuated from buildings and had lost power too. Therefore, it had been a disturbing event as there are very rare events in Australia. As said by PM Scott Morrison from the United States, “I’m sure as a result people would have been quite distressed or disturbed by that”.

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