Amarinder Singh says Navjot Sidhu is a danger to the state

NEW DELHI: Amarinder Singh, who was replaced as the Punjab Chief Minister last weekend, dropped ominous hints for the Congress as he threatened to put up a candidate against Navjot Sidhu and “make any sacrifice” to stop him from becoming Chief Minister.

Amarinder Singh said he will pit a strong candidate against him in the 2022 Assembly polls to ensure his defeat.

“He (Sidhu) is dangerous for the state,” said the former Chief Minister in a series of media interviews.

In a series of interviews, he disclosed that he had offered his resignation to party President Sonia Gandhi three weeks earlier but she had asked him to contribute. “If she had just called me and asked me to step down, I would have,” he said, adding that “as a soldier, I know how to do my task and leave once I am called back”.

He claimed that the Gandhi siblings were “quite inexperienced” and “their advisors were clearly misguiding them”.

“You can be old at 40 and young at 80, “he quipped, making it clear that he did not see his age as a hurdle.

Amarinder Singh resigned last weekend-just four months before the Punjab election-telling Sonia Gandhi he felt humiliated over the party’s move to call an emergency meeting of Punjab MLAs without informing him.

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