“I’ll quit writing forever”, says Lyricist Manoj Muntashir

MUMBAI: As the song “Teri Mitti” plays in stereo, the heart of every Indian fills up with pride and emotions that are indefinable. The stature of this song has never fallen since its release in 2019. The song is still in the talks with its lyricist Manoj Muntashir, and all for negative reasons.

The famous patriotic song “Teri Mitti” was alleged over social media for being plagiarised. The social media handlers claimed that “Teri Mitti” copied a Pakistani song published in 2005. Manoj Muntashir recently came out to answer all these plagiarism claims.

In an interview he gave to ETimes, he denied the claims saying,” Those making these allegations should kindly check the video which has been uploaded many months after the release of our film Kesari.” After allegations becoming stimulated, he asked people to come up with more plagiarism reports, and he shall answer them in one go.

Muntashir also claimed that the allegations are coming up on him now because of the video he made. Earlier, Muntashir had posted a video saying Mughals were “glorified dacoits”. Many people called out on him for disturbing the peace between Hindus and Muslims. While another group of people supported him. Muntashir said, ” If it is proven that Teri Mitti is a copy of any song in the world, I will stop writing forever.”

The lyricist is known for his poetry and published writings, in and out of Bollywood. It is not the first time that Muntashir came under plagiarism radar. A few days earlier, a poem written by him in his book “Meri Fitrat Hai Mastana” faced plagiarism claims. This poem is argued to be the translated Hindi version of Lavery’s poem. Muntashir was also recently criticized for changing his last name from ‘Shukla’ to ‘Muntashir’.

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