Healthy habits for the happy you

It’s not quite easy to manage things in the daily routine life but by taking few good initiatives we can work on our health. Attending office calls, meetings and conducting webinars have taken the peace and due to this we suffer from various health issues.

Certain initiatives can help in overcoming from these problems. Implementing for good is a great achievement and we can also aware our near and dear ones to be conscious when it comes to health. Meal time is the best time and we wait for it so that our tummy can be full. Here are some easy initiatives which you can easily take in everyday life.

  1. Drink warm water everyday: Drinking warm water early in the morning can remove toxins from your body and you can easily burn calories. It keeps you hydrated and improves circulation. Doctors always recommend to drink warm water everyday.
  2. Eat fresh fruits and salads: You can pack yummy fruits and salads with your lunch. Salads help you in weight control and build strong bones. It’s super healthy to eat fresh fruits such as apples, blue berries, oranges etc.

3. Small workout: It’s not easy for office goers to hit the gym but small work outs can be helpful. Small work out such as grapevine, bird dog, chair squat, incline push-up, chest openers, wide squat etc. Getting up early in the morning and performing can keep you healthy and fresh for the day.

4. Eat slowly: It’s important to eat slowly and chew well as it prevents over eating. It’s always good to sit and eat properly in order to digest the food. You might feel less hungry for the next time.

5. Drink green tea: Green tea is very healthy and helps in reducing weight, improving health and flushing out toxins. Drink it twice a day as it helps in a much better way to deal with the weight problem.

Good health is above wealth. “Heath is like money, we never have a true idea of its value until we lose it”, Josh Billings.

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