How Amazon has revolutionized retail?

From an online bookseller to one of the most powerful entities in modern history, Amazon has experienced rapid growth over a single generation.  

Amazon is not the only retailer out there, but its success has made people’s expectations for online shopping, returns, and shipping radically change. Some cities provide same-day delivery service, which has created a unique paradigm for online shopping.

With a large and growing following, Amazon is the most-liked and trusted brand. Among the possible reasons is the company’s dedication to low prices and seemingly never-ending efforts to make modern life more convenient, which have helped to build a strong relationship with its customers.

For retailers and suppliers to survive in an increasingly competitive environment, they need to incorporate Amazon’s skills into their strategies. Despite their fierce competition, Amazon has been able to grasp shoppers’ needs and understand their problems. It’s up to retailers to understand and respond to shopper demands and trends, and to invent around their wants, needs, and desires.

In recent years, online shopping and eCommerce have been growing in popularity, resulting in many traditional businesses becoming unable to compete with online marketplaces with only physical locations. As the poster child for this transformation, Amazon, which started in 1994, has maintained its leadership position in global online selling.

A shopper today expects to find a range of choices even at a retail store. Unlike retail store items containing small text, online shopping sites make it easy to access product details in large font. As shopping online has become easier and more seamless, a greater expectation of smoothness, timeliness, and convenience is now evident, even for services (such as at a salon) that are not readily available online. The consumer can also read comments online in order to view how other customers feel about the product.

It is Amazon’s ability to change long-standing, fundamental beliefs about buying and selling things that makes its business successful. It is Amazon’s persuasive abilities that have led to the transformation of consumer behaviour. Their ability to convince shoppers that they could trust the brand and purchase their products with confidence has significantly influenced changes in buyer behaviour.

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