PM Modi and Kamala Harris discuss Pakistan’s role in terrorism

WASHINGTON: On Thursday, Prime Minister Modi met with Vice President Harris at the White House, where they decided to strengthen the Indo-US strategic alliance and discussed global topics of mutual importance, such as threats to democracy, Afghanistan, and the Indo-Pacific.

During her first meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, US Vice President Kamala Harris made a “suo moto” reference to Pakistan’s role in terrorism. Harris added that terror groups are operating in Pakistan, according to news agency PTI, quoting the Ministry of External Affairs, and that she has asked Islamabad to take action so that the matter does not affect the security of India and the United States. 

Following the critical meeting between Prime Minister Modi and the US vice president, foreign secretary Harsh Vardhan Shringla told reporters, “When the matter of terrorism came up, the vice president Suo Moto pointed to Pakistan’s responsibility in that regard (terrorism).”

When asked if the issue of Pakistan’s role in terrorism was discussed during Harris’ meeting with Prime Minister Modi, Shringla acknowledged the situation, adding that the US vice president also highlighted terror groups operating in Pakistan.

“She (Harris) asked Pakistan to take action so that this does not have an impact on US and Indian security,” India’s foreign secretary was reported as saying. “She agreed with the Prime Minister’s briefing on cross-border terrorism, the reality that India has been a victim of terrorism for decades, and the need to rein in and closely monitor Pakistan’s assistance for terrorist groups,” she said.

Kamala Harris stated that it is the responsibility of both countries to safeguard democracies in the best interests of their citizens.

When Harris contacted a few months ago, in the middle of a disastrous second wave of Covid-19 cases sweeping India, Modi praised her sincerely for supporting India “like a family, with a sense of connection.” He then extended an invitation to Harris to visit India, which Harris accepted with a nod.

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