Kapil Sharma: An example of “hard work forever pays”

The journey Kapil Sharma took to fame is inspiring not only because of his struggle, but also due to his unburdening charm and unabashed humour. A son of a lower-middle-class family, he was educated at Hindu college of Amritsar before working at a PCO booth to pay for pocket money during his 10th standard. 

Kapil wanted to do theatre in college, but lacked the funds to pay the fee, so he stopped. Kapil’s father was detected with final stage cancer, and sadly passed away in 2004. This was the start of a journey that cannot be described as easy. Affecting his motivation, his grief over the death of his father gave him the spark to begin his journey.

The first time Kapil auditioned for the ‘Laughter Challenge,’ he was rejected but went on to win the competition in 2007. Kapil won the ‘Comedy Circus’ six times in a row, proving that dreams are possible if you are courageous enough to chase them. He also hosted shows such as ‘Jhalak Dikhla Jaa’ and ‘Chhote Miyaan’, and took advantage of every opportunity he was given. This was the beginning of his stardom.  

After creating his own production company, Kapil created a top-rated show called “Comedy Nights With Kapil”. This show gave him immense popularity and made him a common name across India. Today he’s considered a top comedian in the country, and someone who’s sincerely dedicated to make his audience laugh and smile. 

After roaming the streets of Mumbai with little idea of where one should go, to becoming a superstar with his own production house, and personal style of winning, he’s made a tremendous leap forward. He’s a true example of “hard work forever pays”.

Although recently there has been a complaint filed against the creators of The Kapil Sharma Show in Shivpuri, Madhya Pradesh, as per India Today. Actors in one episode were shown drinking while performing a courtroom scene, according to the complaint. There is a report saying that the actors disrespected the court. A hearing is expected to take place on 1st October. A setback for otherwise a hit show.

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