Meet India’s first UN Secretary, the current social media sensation

NEW YORK: Social media turns many people into overnight sensations, some for good and some for bad reasons. Recently, netizens found a new person to change into an overnight sensation, and that is India’s first United Nations secretary, Sneha Dubey. The Indian secretary got famous all over the internet after her fiery reply to Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan virtual speech at United Nations General Assembly.

While there have been many instances, India has made it clear that Kashmir is our internal matter, Pakistan doesn’t seem to understand and keep on including it in its speeches at world forums. One such instance took place at the 76th United Nations General Assembly. Imran Khan, Pak PM in his virtual speech at UNGA included and gave references to Kashmir.

In response to which Sneha Dubey asked for the permission from UNGA President to exercise her Right to Reply. The iconic reply took the internet by storm and everyone was all praises for the speech.

Sneha Dubey, while exercising her Right to Reply heavily criticized Pakistan PM’s government and its policy. She included how Pakistan harbours and funds terrorists to act on its neighbours but talk on international forums about how it is a victim of terrorism.

In her speech, Sneha talked about how India and Pakistan are different. While our nation is a pluralistic society where minorities rose to the position of Prime Minister, President and army officers, the Pakistan minority community stays in fear and their voices are suppressed.

She underlined the fact of how Pakistan was the country where Osama Bin Laden took shelter and it is the same country that has an established history of supporting terrorists. While moving towards the end of her speech, Sneha didn’t forget to mention the territories Pakistan captured illegally.

We call upon Pakistan to immediately vacate all areas under its illegal occupation”, said the Indian secretary. She concluded the speech by speaking about how India always wants a peaceful relationship with its neighbour but now it depends upon Pakistan’s sincerity to hold the relations.

The internet sensation, Sneha Dubey is an IFS officer of the 2012 batch. It was her first attempt when she cleared the civil services examination in 2011. Sneha completed her schooling in Goa and later on went to studying an M.Phil degree in International Studies from JNU, Delhi.

Sneha is the first government official in her family. Her mom is a teacher and her father works at a multinational company. It was her passion to take part in international policy-making and know the other culture, that directed her towards foreign services. Her first appointment was in the Ministry of External Affairs, and thereafter she worked in Indian Embassy in Madrid.

A reply of this kind at an international level from the UN forum surely baffled Pakistan. The speech made clear India’s persona and perspective is known to the world. It is also a warning that Pakistan needs to give back the land that it captured illegally.

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