Wanted gangster Gogi assassinated in Delhi’s Rohini Court

NEW DELHI: A shocking event occurred this Friday at Delhi’s Rohini Court when a wanted criminal was bought in for a hearing. Jitendra Mann, alias ‘Gogi’, got assassinated by two gunmen in front of the whole court.

Rohini Court, Delhi

Minutes later, Jitendra Gogi entered the courtroom, two men in an advocate’s uniform started firing ammunition at him. In retaliation, the Court’s Intelligence Team of the Special Cell open fire and the two died on the spot. “One of them was carrying a reward of Rs 50,000,” said DPC Rakesh Asthana. The shooting took place in courtroom number 206 and a total of 35-40 rounds of the bullet were fired.

Jitendra Gogi (30), was taken to hospital soon after the firing, but he succumbed to the injuries. Other than him, a lawyer was reported with some injuries. The armed men killed in the shootout is suspected of having connections with the Gogi’s rival group “Tillu Tajpuria”. Tillu gang and Gogi rivalry age back to their college days and have worsened since.

Representational Image

Under the Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime ( MCOCA ), Delhi police arrested Gogi. He had a total of 19 cases running on him, including murders, extortion, robberies, and carjacking. Gogi started with dealing in the property after dropping out.

In 2010, he stepped into the crime world after the death of his father. After shooting two men during the college elections of Delhi University, he formed his gang in 2011. He fled custody earlier while going to court. The reports linked him to famous Haryanvi dancer-singer Harshita’s murder case and AAP’s Virendra Mann shooting.

Gogi made news headlines for running his business from behind the jails. He also allied with the other most wanted criminal, Dubai-based Sandeep alias ‘Kala Jathedi’. The police reported that there was a total of 50 members in Gogi’s gang.

The firing incident at the heart of the nation, in a court, has raised many questions. The cross-questioning and series of allegations already started between the centre and state government. Everyone is questioning the lousy security system that led to such a breach and causing the incident. Rajya Sabha MP Sanjay Singh showed his disappointment in a tweet and asked Union Home Minister Amit Shah for the answers.

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