Spanish volcanic eruption intensifies, shut down of Airports as ‘lava’ catches air

MADRID: Volcanic eruption is getting intensified red hot lava high into the air on la Palma on Saturday, the small Spanish islands have to close their airports as ashes and lava are high into the air. La palma island forced the evacuation of about 5,500 people according to officials.

This volcanic eruption has begun on Monday night. It has destroyed at least 100 houses, injuries have been reported, slowly lava ashes covering villages.

Lava from the cumbre Vieja volcano eruption continued to slowly burn through La Palma, the dust blanketed villages on the Canary Island.

According to the Canary Island’s vulcanology institute, the volcano seismic activity intensified overnight.

More than 20 thousand earthquakes had been signalled, the Magma under the island and within 24hours of eruption wall of lava makes its way towards the ocean.

The reason behind the volcanic eruption intensity is volcano’s cone had broken drones had shown. The National Geographic and Mining institute said “it’s not unusual in this type of eruption that the cone of volcano fractures. A crater is formed that does not support it’s own weight and the cone breaks”. Miguel Angel Morcuende, director of the volcano response committee pevolca, told a news conference on Saturday. “This partial ruptured happened overnight. evacuations currently in place would be maintained for another 24hours as a precaution”.

The volcano has spewed out thousands of tons of lava. Things are getting difficult for the people of La Palma. There were long queues at La Palma ports, some of whose flights had been cancelled, tried to get ferried of the island.

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