Suicide car bomb targeting convoy in Somali capital kills 8 officials

MOGADISHU: On Saturday, a suicide car bomb killed eight people in Somali capital at a street junction near the president’s palace. Also, it was behind the attack which targeted a convoy going into the palace.

The police normally stops to check and clear vehicles before they can pass by the checkpoint. This car was stopped by the security guards and it went off while there were several other cars and people passing by the nearby road. As per reports, Mohamed Hassan said, “I saw wounded and dead people being carried”. Seven cars and three rickshaws were destroyed.

Government officials have blamed the jihadits group for some of Somalia’s deadliest terror attacks. Previous year analysts at the Armed Conflict Location and Event Data Project estimated that Al-Shabab had been responsible for the deaths of over 4,000 people since 2010.

Therefore, police spokesperson Abdifatah Aden Hassan told reporters at the scene of the blast the casualties could be higher, since some of the dead and wounded had been taken away by their relatives. Also he said “Al Shabaab is behind the blast. They killed eight people including a soldier and a mother and two children.”

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