“You would get emotionally lost and will attach yourself to the series….” : Kota Factory Season 2 Review

I watched Kota Factory season 1 recently and I had a literal feeling of what I was doing till now. Hats off to TVF because they make series straight from their heart. We relate to every series that TVF releases and Kota Factory is a series to which anyone can relate because it is about Indian education, love, friendships, relationships, etc.

In this season, it has been shown that education is a business which is growing on a rapid scale.

Are you still questioning why this series is in black and white?

You will get a clear answer to this in the first episode of season 2. Also, this black and white series will make your life colorful for sure.

There is a recap for 2 minutes of season 1 and you should definitely watch it. Similar to season 1, in this season also the story revolves around Vaibhav (played by Mayur More) whose dream was to study from Maheshwari classes by unfortunately he gets admission in Prodigy. In this season finally he is in Maheshwari classes but still he is not happy. The struggles students face and the pressure they get from various aspects of their life for shifting from one coaching to another is beautifully portrayed.

The characters have done raw acting, there is nothing fake or extra but there are cameos played by 2-3 actors. Also, you will hesitate to watch this season with your family because there are scenes in which conversations are adultery but these are shown in a bit comic way or by keeping points related to sex education.

Since, this series is about teens, so there are few abusive words too. There is also a scene in which the importance of mother is explained and the music playing in it’s background gives a ‘wow’ feeling.

Saurabh Khanna’s Kota Factory season 2 is a must watch as you will get emotionally lost and will attach yourself to the series without pin pointing anything. It has been released on 24 September 2021 on Netflix.

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