A 34-year old woman beaten to death in her own house

KOTA: A 34-year old woman was killed inside her own house by five to six assailants. The victim’s name was Anokh Bai. The attackers were residents of Bankiya village. 

The same group of men attacked Anokh Bai’s husband, Rajendra on 27th September, Monday in Bankiya village when he was returning back from work. Somehow, Rajendra dodged the situation and escaped. But later that evening the group barged into Rajendra’s house, armed with sticks. 

The wife, came out to defend Rajendra. According to the SHO, the woman was hit multiple times, causing fatal injuries. 

Anokh Bai was rushed to the hospital but she couldn’t fight for her life. As per the police sources, the attack was a result of an old rivalry.

A case under Section 302 (Murder) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) has been lodged against Suresh Gurjar, Pappu Gurjar, Narendra Gurjar, Latur, Mukut, and Purshottam. Three of them are imprisoned and the case is being investigated further. 

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