Mid-Day Meal Scheme to be re-named as ‘National Scheme for PM-POSHAN in Schools’

NEW DELHI: The Mid-Day Meal Scheme has been re-named as National Scheme for PM-POSHAN in Schools today, i.e. on 29 September, 2021.

The Union Cabinet has also approved the continuation of this scheme for another five years, i.e. till 2026, with a financial outlay of ₹54 thousand crores from the central government and ₹31,733.17 crore from the states and union territories.

As a part of this scheme, as many as 11.80 crore children studying in schools will be covered. At the same time, the cabinet has also decided to encourage the concept of ‘Tithi Bhojan’ and to promote School Nutrition Gardens in schools in order to give children first-hand experience with nature and gardening.

The government, in regards with National Scheme for PM-POSHAN in Schools, will also make special provisions for supplementary nutrition items to children in districts with high prevalence of Anaemia. Also, as a part of extra-curriculum, cooking competitions will be encouraged at all levels in schools.

In this whole process, Farmers Produce Organisations and Women Self-Help Groups will take part which will eventually be a step towards making ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’.

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