‘Rebels’ in Congress are raising questions about the Punjab fiasco

NEW DELHI: As the Congress grapples with exits and crises in states it governs, such as Punjab, party leader Kapil Sibal posed a new set of hard questions to the party’s leadership, but avoided naming the Gandhis. “There is currently no elected president in Congress. We have no idea who makes the decisions “he stated.

“We’re not G-23, definitely not Ji Huzoor-23.” said Mr Sibal, who is a member of the “G-23,” a group of 23 leaders who wrote to Sonia Gandhi last year requesting significant changes in the party and “visible leadership,” said: “We will keep raising issues.”

Ghulam Nabi Azad, another G-23 leader, has written to Sonia Gandhi, requesting a meeting of the Congress Working Committee (CWC) to discuss the party’s exodus and the problem in Punjab.

Mr Sibal said, “Why are people leaving? Maybe we should see whether it is our fault? We have to immediately call a CWC, at least so a dialogue can take place. We won’t leave the ideology of the party and go anywhere else. The irony of the Congress is that those who are close to them (leadership) have left and those who they think are not close to them are still there,”.

The remarks come amid a dilemma for the Congress in Punjab, where state president Navjot Sidhu resigned just days after laying the groundwork for party stalwart Amarinder Singh to succeed him as Chief Minister.

Sushmita Dev and Luizinho Faleiro, among others, have left the party in recent weeks.

“I am really very, very upset that I have to come to you. But we have no choice,” said Mr Sibal.

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