Taliban government reaches out to Indian government; seeking resumption of flights

KABUL & NEW DELHI: The Afghanistan Civil Aviation Authority, which is now under the new Taliban regime, has written to India’s Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) seeking resumption of flights operated by its airlines– Kam Air and Ariana Afghan Airline.

The DGCA chief, Arun Kumar, also confirmed about receiving the letter from the Taliban government. To this, the chief replied that the Ministry of Civil Aviation will take an action on the matter as this is a policy issue.

On 16 August, the Afghanistan airspace was declared “uncontrolled” because of the Taliban takeover in the country, and all civilian flights were closed. Since then, with the help of Qatar, the Taliban government has managed to resume several airports in the country, including one at Kabul.

It must be noted that Ariana Afghan Airline has already been operating domestic flights, and the first flight was operated between Islamabad and Kabul on 13 September by Pakistan International Airlines.

The letter addressed to the DGCA by the Minister of Civil Aviation and Transport, Alhaj Hamidullah Akhundzada, said, “The intention of this letter is to keep the smooth passenger movement between two countries based on the signed MoU and our national carriers (Ariana Afghan Airline and Kam Air) aimed to commence their scheduled flights. Therefore, Afghanistan Civil Aviation Authority requests you to facilitate their commercial flights. As you are well informed that recently the Kabul Airport was damaged and dysfunctional by American troops before their withdrawal. By technical assistance of our Qatar Brother, the Airport became operational once again and a NOTAM in this regard issued on September 6.”

The next action is awaited on the side of India’s Directorate General of Civil Aviation.

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