Indian Women Team enters into World Chess quarterfinals

SPAIN : On Sept 29, the Indian Women’s Chess team entered into the quarterfinals of the World Women Team Chess Championship by defeating France. Indian women’s team defeated France by 3-1 in the last and fifth preliminary round.

Indian Women Team secured the second position in pool A after defeating the France team. And hence was able to qualify for the main clashes of the top eight teams in each pool.

Four matches took place between the France and Indian teams. Bhakti Kulkarni up against Natacha Benmesbah and the Women Grandmaster Mary Ann Gomes against Silvia Alexievia. Both the members of the opponent team faced defeat in 51 moves.

India’s top player, Harika played a draw with Marie Sebag in 45 moves. Tania Sachdeva was also able to pull a draw against Andreea Navrotescu within 34 moves.

Before entering into the final preliminary round, India lost to first-seeded Russia by 1-3 in the fourth round. In the clash against Russia, Harika played a draw with Aleksandra Goryachkina. Mary Ann and Polina Shuvalova also decide to end up in a draw while Vaishali and Tania Sachdev faced defeat.

In the third round, India faced a very strong team of Armenia. But India defeated them by 2.5-1.5. India, with the win, is now all set up to play against Kazakhstan in the quarter-finals of the championship. India has never won any medals and the FIDE World Women Team Championship.

If India manages to secure the medal with a win in the upcoming matches it will be its first time. The other matches that will take place are – Armenia v/s Ukraine, Georgia v/s Azerbaijan, and Russia v/s America.

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