Middle school classes in Delhi might re-open after festival season

NEW DELHI: As a result of lockdown many students have been attending online classes. At present it is anticipated that middle school classes might re-start after the festival season.

Lieutenant governor Anil Baijal tweeted, “As suggested by experts, it was decided to consider opening middle school classes 6-8, after the festive season”. Attending online classes have increases problems for the students as they face problems such as low internet connectivity, background noise and lack of concentration.

Reopening schools for classes below 9 should be done in order to fill the academic gap that has been created. S K Bhattacharya, president of Action Committee, an association of over 400 private schools, said, “We understand that the possible spread of Covid-19 during festive season is a genuine concern, but the decision should be reconsidered after Dussehra. It is time for stakeholders to take proactive decisions”.

Many parents want school to restart for all classes so that children can concentrate better and don’t lose any more time. The Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) is likely to allow reopening of middle school classes in the city after the festival season is over.

A final decision would be taken after observing the prevailing Covid situation. However, Ramlilas, Durga Puja celebrations have been allowed with appropriate Covid-19 protocols.

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