The world has left Afghanistan to begin a new day, but the Taliban has broken all its promises

The Taliban has already curtailed women’s rights and has made it clear that women are not allowed to work, and girls’ middle and high schools remain closed. The new chancellor of Afghanistan has said that women are not allowed to study with men. 

What is not surprising is, the Taliban has released all the prisoners who committed brutal and heinous crimes against women. Women judges fear for their lives, and those released are now hunting for their apprehender. 

In some parts of the country, the Taliban have banned women from leaving their house and staying at home or leaving with a male guardian. 

The Taliban has power, they are bringing back a strict Islamic law and have made it clear that elections will not be held under any circumstances. All the former government officials are asked to return to their work. 

The Taliban has not banned internet service, but they have their TV anchors, broadcasting, and video production. People are afraid for their lives and are leaving the nation. 

The US, western countries, and India have closed their embassy. The central bank of Afghanistan has hinted that Afghanistan is in an economic crisis with poverty and food shortage rising. 

The United Nations General Assembly was held with no representative from Afghanistan. The Taliban is hunting down government officials and people who supported the US. The situation of Afghan translators is dire as they are on the red list of the Taliban. 

Since the Taliban’s control over Panjshir, there have been few skirmishes from the anti-Taliban resistance. On the other hand, the IS-K has different opinions than the Taliban and is believed to be the Taliban’s most prominent foe. 

It was in 1996 when the Najibullah government fell along with human rights. The Taliban plans to bring back public executions, amputations, and killings for crimes. The recent hanging of four Afghan nations for suspected kidnapping shook the world. 

The Taliban has banned barbers with no-shave orders. The country is now the Islamic State of the Taliban. The Taliban is the authority with guns on the head and streets silent. What is left is silence. 

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